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Where to slip that selfie stick

We came a cross a great article that we can’t stop reading:

Nothing’s Older Than An Ignorant Young Person

Everyone seemingly loves a millennial.

Here at Watch Me Think, where our encounters with real people encourage a healthy scepticism, we’ve always wondered why.

This article from the AdContrarian sums it up beautifully

‘The inhabitants of the marketing industry are astoundingly out of touch with anyone not like them’.

It backs up what we hear from the over 50s who make videos for us: no-one cares about us, no-one targets me.

Not that the over-50s are crying into their large gin and tonics because the hipsters aren’t in hot pursuit of course…

They are the wealthiest generation in history and they feel like no-one is interested in them?

Instead it’s these millennials that everyone in marketing talks about.

This first generation to be less affluent than their parents, already drowning in debt, with flat wages in a flat economy at a time of house price and rent inflation, a time of growing inequality when the only people getting richer are the rich and by extension of course … the old.

Bob Hoffman absolutely nails it – as he so often does – in the final line which I won’t spoil for you.

Read the article first, and next time someone asks your opinion on millennials, send it to them.