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Why Watch Me Think?

Other companies don’t "do what we do"

We explore consumer behaviour.

What people do, not just what they say.

We watch. We don’t just ask.

We get more answers for our clients this way.

We have unique methodologies for video ethnography.

Methodologies such as observation self-review, where consumers review their own behaviour and screen record, capturing the consumer and their screen.

Not just video selfies.

Our analysis is consultative. Not self-service.

We offer qualitative, ex-client side researchers watching and distilling all the footage.

They have expertise in Insights, Sensory, R&D…

They know what they are looking for.

They know how to present the “so what”.

They know the language to use when reporting back.

We don’t love you and leave you.

We’ll be there to answer your questions before, during and after.

Dig deeper. Dig differently.

Our in-house video editors will work with you to create punchy edits to tell the story of the insight we’ve uncovered.

We can provide discussion guides.

All to help you embed the discoveries effectively both internally and externally.

Anyone can get a soundbite. Few can get an insight.

We don’t do voxpops, but we can point you to people who do.

We’re a full-service video research agency.

Covering everything from recruitment to analysis – returning high-quality insights based on actual consumer behaviour…

… yet we also dovetail with other agencies when your objectives require methodologies outside of our immediate expertise.

If you want to work with people and not just algorithms, you know where we are.

The workshop [where each participant reviewed a set of consumer videos] landed very, very well with everybody in the room […] And because they’d all been so involved […] they actually felt an emotional attachment to these target audiences. Which was music to my ears as a business partner.

Katie Scott, Unilever

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Watch Me Think has been really critical in bringing consumers to life in our business as part of our wider consumer closeness programme […] The impact has been huge, particularly to our business planning process.

Vanda Noakes, Johnson & Johnson