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101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising


101 ideas

Bob Hoffman

Commentary, Advertising


Much like Sutherland’s WikiMan, this book nets the general thoughts, musings and put-downs from an advertising great, Mr Bob Hoffman. All 101 of them to be precise.

What I took from reading it

He’s a cynic, that’s for sure, I even found myself spiraling into one too.

Bob’s main gripe was with the much discussed havoc tech has supposedly blazed all over ad-land. He disagrees with it, thinks of the havoc as over-hyped, presents some legitimate evidence to back himself, and pretty much tells ad-land to stick it.

So perhaps the end of the ad industry isn’t nigh? Could it instead be that advertisers are exaggerating the different sphere that they’re now supposedly operating in as an excuse for all the failed campaigns they’re churning out?

Told you I’ve turned into a cynic.

On that train of thought, Bob also gives a neat definition as to what he thinks advertising really means:
“…Advertising isn’t really about selling pickles. It’s about developing a relationship between the consumer and your brand through integrated communications that create brand advocates by over-delivering on relevant brand expectations and engaging brand conversations”.

Who should read this book

It’s worthwhile reading the arguments about the effects of tech, but, given this book was published in 2012 and before the peak smartphone boom, the arguments may be somewhat zeitgeist.

Nevertheless, it still makes for quick, entertaining and beneficial reading if the ad-industry and all that’s wrong with it floats your proverbial boat.

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