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2017 Trends (that you can actually use)

In 2017, as part Watch Me Think’s Consumer Closeness Toolbox, our analysts will be at the offices of our Toolbox clients, debriefing and presenting the videos, results, insights and advice from each of the themes below, shortly after each is released:

  • In February we’re looking Agelessness
    What does it mean to become older
  • In May, at Healthy Food & Drink
    What does it mean to people to be Healthy in 2017
  • In August, possibly an encounter with Generation Z
    Millennial? The next Generation is upon us.
  • And in November, Snacking
    A perennial trend that is perennially important… unless something more important comes along 🙂

(If you’re interested in the topics above, keep reading and then email us.)

The Consumer Closeness Toolbox is a 12-month subscription to a near continual stream of consumer-made video insights, trend-unpacking, and free-rein feedback options with the consumers themselves.

We do all of the hard work (we know you’re time poor), providing you with on-a-plate summaries, highlight reels and decks – presented on site to the key teams who need to know this stuff.

It also includes video shorts on industry hot topics, as well as content shots: white-labeled, digestible comms packages of video+text, that can be used to bring the consumer closer to your entire company.

What now?

  • Want to have a chat about the Toolbox? Book some time here.
  • Don’t fancy a chat, but want more details (a PDF) and the price? Mail us.
  • Have some spare end of year budget and want to order?
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