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By 2012, 90% of data will be video

Really? Oh that is good news (especially for us).  Before you think that this is a figure that we made up just to make ourselves feel better, it’s actually a quote from Cisco‘s Chief Futurist, Dave Evans.

He did a live Talk2Cisco broadcast at the end of July where he talked about the internet of things.

More good news (for us) on the future was a discussion at Outside Innovation about Google TV and asking the question whether it will spur more user generated content? The answer is yes. Simply put, ‘it opens the door for MORE user-generated content. YouTube and other video sites already make it easy to upload and promote your own videos. Now, as WebTV merges with conventional TV in a Video On-Demand world in our living rooms, more families will gather around to watch user-generated, rather than network-produced and funded videos.’

What this means for us is that people will become even more used to creating & uploading video. The more common that practice becomes, the more positive for wmt.