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Coaxing Back Your Creative Mojo

We like to think we know a few things about generating fresh ideas. Nothing thrills us more than charging into some off piste thinking.

But we also know that getting into the creative groove can be, well, thoroughly ungroovy.

So here are some ways to coax back your creative mojo.

Actively seek inspiration

Books, galleries, fantastic blogs or quirky newsletters even ;-). Put yourself among good company and rub shoulders with fellow creators.

Document anything that prompts a thought

Their rediscovery could spur a moment of illumination.

Right: Frozen peas rescuing an ice shortage. Fantastic for about 20 seconds before they defrosted and completely decimated the G&Ts. Surely there’s a product idea in there somewhere…

Change rooms, change scenery, change routines even

The different outlook may encourage new ideas, likely at the most unexpected of times. This post, for example, came whilst searching the cupboard for tamarind paste.

Once those ideas eventually decide to turn up

Keep churning them around. Twist them. Turn them. Tease them. Until you’ve morphed them into something that you’re excited about.

We all have deadlines, but…

You can’t arrange to be creative between 1 – 2 pm on a Tuesday. Unless you really are up the proverbial creek, don’t put something like that in your diary. The pressure will cull any inspiration you may have had.

Anything else you do to get yourself out of a jam? Let us know. Or think we’re talking a load of rubbish and it doesn’t work? Again, we’re all ears!