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Community pay day = happy days

Wow. We’ve just finished our first period of being live and it’s been a little on the busy side. The great news is that at the end of last week we paid out to our community – the first pay out we have given. It’s great to get this one under our belts as we realise that for a lot of people it is quite a leap of faith to go and do something for a website that is new, with a promise of future returns. To those people (our community) that took the risk, that trusted us, that took the punt, thank you. Honestly, thank you. Hopefully your bank balances show that we put our money where our mouth is!

A few of you earned around $500 each and another 10 of you received around $200 each. We’re so pleased that you can now see the benefits of recording a few videos and putting them on watchmethink.

We asked one of our big thinkers what she likes about watchmethink. Here’s what we got in response.

“I trust On Facebook you can see proof that ordinary people were paid after uploading their videos about the products and services that they use to has changed how I look at products. Now, when I think a product can be improved and I think I have an idea, I can upload my video about it and get paid. For years manufacturers have shown me their adverts for products on my TV in ‘my’ lounge room, and yet I have never been able to show them what ‘I’ want and now, with, I can and now ‘manufacturers’ sit and watch me and they think about what I want, which is fantastic. Plus I get paid. costs me nothing in a world where there is always a catch, and I get paid real cash. is an Australian website that I recommend because so many people are looking for a work from home, online business and is that and more. It meets all of those criteria and I have a voice to manufacturers about the products I use simply by uploading a video. How easy! paid me nearly $500 for uploading videos about the products and services that I already use, it did not cost me a cent and there is proof on facebook, so what are you waiting for, go to or at facebook and check it out yourself. I highly recommend

The key is now extending the reach of this community. The more people we have making videos, the happier the clients will be, the more briefs we’ll get, the more profit we’ll make (of which we give 50% to the community) and everyone is happy.

So spread the word, come join the community, and start making money.