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Covid-19: we’re here to help

We’ve heard from many sources that certain traditional research methods – mostly those that involve face-to-face interactions – may have to be curtailed while we work through the coming months.

This restriction may hold up projects and, more worryingly, put the livelihoods of some independent freelance researchers at risk.

As many of you know, Watch Me Think gathers its research digitally, and globally, without any need to meet up with respondents or panels face-to-face.

As such, if you have a qualitative project that may be stalled by Covid-19 concerns, or most especially if you have any small agency or independent researchers working for you for whom the impacts of the virus may hit quite hard – we will open up our platform and our mobile research gathering apps to help you and them through this period.

Free of charge.

Providing we are not recruiting and/or conducting the research itself, the time we must invest to help set you and any freelance researchers up is time we are willing to invest, within reason, if it helps folks in our industry get through the next few months.

We’re here to help. Just get in touch.