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Find Your Truth in Marketing

Fake news may be damaging democracy – but plenty of false opinions are damaging your business growth too.

The fact is, it’s not just the public who are struggling to identify what’s true and what isn’t.

We were noticing that our clients and contacts are constantly being bombarded with messages both internally and externally and are finding it difficult to establish what was true and what wasn’t, what to follow, what to believe, what to push… and what not to.

There are lots of fake views and un-truths out there, but how to spot them? We wanted to help.

So we put together The Power Of: Storytelling).

Our speakers will help you focus on how to find and communicate the truth, and challenge the lies, to ensure you and your company make decisions on fact, not fiction.

It’s quite the lineup of speakers – from client-side insights leaders talking about the challenge of filtering the message, to a creative stand-up duo about the myth of creative being easy. From political fact checkers about spotting bullshit, to editors of children’s magazines talking about managing the message and the importance of truth. From tech masters to ad gurus to media giants all wanting to smash myths about marketing and the fantasies that exist in the discipline.

All that’s pretty important.

Why? Because it will give you the tools back to determine what to focus on, what not to, and therefore give you more time for the things that matter. It will help with clarity of message – both internally and externally. It will help give you arguments to use, to feel empowered when people start waxing on about the latest this and that. Most of all it will give you confidence to take back to your organisation.

If you’re in the London area, or will be on 11th October, grab your tickets and join us at The Power Of: Finding Your Truth in Marketing. Hope to see you there.