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Make customers your number 1 priority

We’re always interested in seeing what people are saying about how companies should interact with consumers. Over at Blogging Innovation a recent piece on Reinventing Customer Relationships highlights Making Customers your number 1 priority. They go on to describe what companies should be looking at when running their business. These include

  • How would we go about defining customer wants and needs?
  • What new technologies would we use to communicate with customers?
  • What things that “have always been done this way” would we do differently
  • If we could solve one customer problem that would put us so far ahead of the competition that they could never catch up, what would it be?

The watchmethink concept is built to help business answer these questions. It’s about identifying those problems, using new technology and thereby defining those wants and needs.

We’ll keep adding links to sites endorsing this approach and keep telling you more about watchmethink and how it transform the business> consumer relationship.