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New shopping methods

New Shopping Methods

We constantly hear how shoppers are changing and how they are turning to different models and channels. We decided we’d zone in on some of these channels to see first hand how people are using new shopping methods and what for.

We looked at;

  • Click & collect
  • Direct to consumer
  • Rapid delivery (one/two hour)
  • Subscriptions
  • Voice assistants

3 things we learned?

  1. The first thing that surprised us was how people turning to this new-fangled shopping tech are not only tech savvy, flat white sipping hipsters. They are people who are shattered, struggling and need this new tech to make their lives easier. From the get-go it was clear that people are not using these alternative methods just because they are cool – they are needed.
  2. Very techie shopping methods are having some very non-techie benefits – they are reducing stress levels as people no longer worry if they can’t get to the shops, they are letting people use their brains less as they can now leave that kind of stuff to the tech, and they are helping people to feel closer to producers as they believe the tech can connect them to farmers/artisans more effectively.
  3. There will still be a place for old-fashioned in-person shopping in the future – it’ll just be more focused on craftmanship and entertainment whilst the convenience side of things will be covered by the robots.

If you’d like to see what you and your team could learn from this project please let us know – we promise you’ll get to speak to a real person.