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Post Launch Consumer Appraisal: Nivea Biodegradable Wipes

Nivea Biodegradable Wipes

“Wiping away waste”

I am old enough to remember when facial cleansing wipes took the UK market by storm in the late 90’s.  Penetration and sales rocketed as women transformed their cleansing routines. This new product format meant that they were able to use less products and conveniently remove their make up at speed. 

Wipes are still loved by women today, with 4 out of 10 using them to remove their make up. *

However, most wipes aren’t biodegradable.  It can take up to 100 years or more for them to disappear from landfill.  Or if they are flushed down the toilet they end up blocking pipes and sewers, damaging marine life and littering beaches. 

Over the last year manufacturers have been launching biodegradable wipes which are  kinder to the planet and break down in days, rather than years.  

Sounds perfect! 

We thought it would be interesting to observe consumer reactions to the new Nivea Biodegradable Facial Cleansing wipes made from 100% renewable plant fibres.

We asked 10 UK Thinkers who regularly use facial cleansing wipes to go into a store to buy a packet of these new wipes and then take them home to try.  They shared with us their opinions on the easy of finding, standout on shelf, price, packaging, performance vs expectations, future purchase intent and any future improvements. 

We analysed the raw video footage using our new lean solution approach, which offers our clients quicker, cheaper, but uncompromised insights. 

To find out if our Thinkers thought Nivea Biodegradable wipes were up to the job, or just learn a bit more about our lean pre-launch solution, get in touch…

*Mintel 2019