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Opportunity Identification Case Study: CBD Skincare

Within the last year, CBD is popping up everywhere, it’s the hottest trend and the buzziest ingredient. Even with all this buzz, what do we really know about consumers who use it and what is desired from its use?

CBD is currently the newest cure all – it will provide relaxation, eliminate pain, bring better sleep, and enable the ability to focus. With all of these promises, we wanted to understand the perceptions of products, level of understanding, and real consumer expectations for the CBD skincare category.

We asked 10 US thinkers who regularly use high end skincare products to shop for a CBD infused skincare product and try it at home. They shared with us the process of shopping for products including: deciphering ingredients and claims on pack, attempting to understand product usage specifications, and perceptions of pricing vs. benefit. Once home, they shared the process of use including product perceptions vs. expectation, occasions of use, and overall feelings of impact.

We analyzed the raw video footage using our new lean opportunity identification approach which offers our clients quicker, cheaper, but uncompromised insights.

To find out what our Thinkers thought about opportunities for CBD skincare products, or just learn more about our lean opportunity identification solution, get in touch….