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Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts


Perennial Seller

Ryan Holiday

Marketing, Business


We all strive to create work that people talk about. Work that becomes famous. Work that lasts.

Yet not all of us manage to do so.

Some argue such success stems from luck, whilst others argue that it’s all in the timing. But by Holiday’s reckoning, it ain’t that easy.

This is his guide to making and marketing your very own classic.

What I took from reading it

I’m at loathe to use the word, but Google thesaurus isn’t churning up anything else, so here it is… Holistic. A holistic approach to making and marketing. *Ewww*.

We liked the advice that, obvious as it sounds, a product needs to do something for people, it needs to solve a problem.

Not your problem. No, no no.

Their problem.

And you need to bear that in mind from the outset, it’s not something that you can just bolt onto a marketing strategy at a later date.

Another nugget we #liked was your work “should either be very entertaining or extremely practical”. Or hows about writing book reviews that do both, Holiday? 😉

Who should read this book

You don’t have to be scheming up your own business to find useful applications from this book. Anybody in the world of marketing or product development will do well to pluck this off the shelf.

Where to Buy

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