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Post Launch Review: Hostess Bakery Petites

The idea of including treats and eliminating deprivation is currently a trend in the diets of US adults hoping to achieve a balanced diet. More adults are practicing a ‘treat yourself mentality’ with 46% of adults choosing products that are familiar from childhood.*

One area of familiarity is the snack cake, often produced by Hostess. To appeal to a variety of user types, Hostess branched out of their single serve, cellophane wrapped snack cake with the launch of Bakery Petites.

We asked 10 US thinkers who regularly who regularly use snack cake products to go into a store to buy a package of these bakery petites and then take them home to try. They shared with us their opinions on the easy of finding, standout on shelf, price, packaging, performance vs expectations, future purchase intent and any future improvements.

We analyzed the raw video footage using our new lean approach which offers our clients quicker, cheaper, but uncompromised insights.

To find out what our Thinkers thought about Hostess Bakery Petites, or just learn more about our lean post launch consumer review solution, get in touch….

*from Mintel