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Prisoners of Geography


Tim Marshall



Ever wondered why the human world is like it is, behaves as it does? This book makes a very decent attempt to explain it all from the aspect of geography and its application to trade, culture and defense. It’s the in fashion phrase: Geopolitics.

What I took from reading it

Growing up (still growing up) I always wondered why China invaded Tibet, why the US was the world’s most powerful, and why Africa with its resources wasn’t leading the world given its head start.

Particularly fascinating for me was the India Pakistan balance.

And the folly of straight line country divisions.

Pub quizzes here I come.

Who should read this book

Interested in how the world came into its current political shape?

Want to better equipped to second guess the next manoeuvres of the global stage by Putin or Xi?

Or add intelligence to any conversations on the machinations of global leader. This is beautiful fodder for the curious mind.

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