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Shaking up Protein

It’s like Good vs Evil.

Batman and the Joker.

Protein and Sugar.

The caped/masked wonder that is Protein is an all round good guy in the eyes of the consumer.

But they still need educating on its merits, rather than allowing them to continue to “believe” in it with blind faith.. .

Fact is, we’ve been working hard on a whole range of Labels & Health Claims for our Toolbox* package.

And we’ve been increasingly surprised at the negativity around them.

Especially consumers desperate to avoid most things on the nutrition label: carbs, sugars, fats, salt etc.

But not protein.

So we used our reach to see how far this positivity is going.

We spoke to consumers in France, Germany and the UK to understand more about Protein… or perhaps more precisely: understand more about what they understand about Protein. On the 20 Sept 2016 we presented our findings at the 9th Annual Protein Summit in Lille.

If you want to talk more about Protein, about the Toolbox in which it comes, and how you can get Watch Me Think on-site to present to your team about what we found, then please do us know (there’s a form to your right or book a time to chat with us here).


*The Watch Me Think Toolbox contains 1000s of films of consumers discussing key topics, showing usage of products & packs, all of which can be searched, edited  – either by you or professionally edited by us – and shared.