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Stop Putting Your Shelves On My Pages – Online vs In-store (UK)

Watch Me Think’s Tinkerer in Chief, Alistair Vince, made this presentation at the July 2015 FDIN Omnichannel Seminar “How do People Buy Food in 2015”

Alistair looks at the UK market in terms of:

  • Taking advantage of the channel: quick wins for online
  • New product & packaging development opportunities within online
  • Knowledge: Consumers know what they spend, not what they buy
  • Personalisation, interface & favourites – problems and opportunities
  • Who are the new brand ambassadors.

To access the presentation and videos on SlideShare please contact the man himself on +44 (0)7545 596 402 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get straight back to you.

You can also read Alistair’s earlier post “Online: off kilter” on this.