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Tas Tasgal on our Data Rich, Insight Poor (DRIP) world

When Tas (Anthony Tasgal) presented at our Power of Storytelling event in March, he made the case that we live in a DRIP world.  One where we can feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of data that is available to us, and the issues we then face in distilling it all into something that feels meaningful and digestible… which often means reducing human behaviour to numbers.

It’s true, when doing this we feel confident we can make good decisions for our brands and categories as we have a sample that is large enough to be representative. Yet at the same time we lose the richness and depth that observing human behaviour brings.

Our Jenny, who leads Watch Me Think’s European research team, shares Tas’ desire to “nudge the pendulum a little bit away from prove and a little bit more towards move”.

How? By focusing on the lost art of storytelling…

We’re going to keep releasing clips of the other talks over the coming months.

If you were unable to make the event and would like see Tas’s 15 min talk, then please email us and we can set you up with access.