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The Ageing consumer

Our latest consumer film is on the ageing consumer and we had videos (made on smartphones by our thinkers) from people between the ages of 60 and 98 which shows the difficulty of understanding this sector.

However, lots of themes came through including;

  • they feel an ignored group (from a marketing perspective)
  • they have more money to spend
  • they buy products for their grandchildren, so are still shoppers of that sector
  • they are aware of health & diet
  • they challenge the myth that they are supposed to dislike ethnic food

We created a second film purely because of the amount of comments we had on packaging and you can easily see the frustrations that are there (from everyone it seems) on certain types of packaging and the difficulty of opening. So much so, that many of our thinkers discussed how their shopping habits change due to packaging – how they buy less bottles, how they choose a pack they can open rather than one they struggle with. With it being such a huge sector, it’s time companies understood this issue in more depth and adapted some of their packs to make sure they don’t lose sales.

If you want to see these films please just get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide them to you.