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The Changing Face of Britain

Fact of the day: 14.2% of the UK population having moved from another country to the UK in the last five years*

As such, it is really important that we understand more about the lives of different groups living in Britain. How do their cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs affect product purchase, usage and consumption?

We recruited 18 respondents living in Britain, who were originally born or have both parents who were born in the following regions:

  • Eastern Europe (5)
  • South Asia (4)
  • Western Europe (3)
  • East & South East Asia (3)
  • Africa or the Caribbean (3)

We then asked them to record 3 videos so we could better get to know them, understand how they felt living in the UK, hear about their can’t live without products and discover purchase influences.

From the footage we learnt a multitude of interesting insights that provide plenty of future opportunities for both manufacturers and retailers.

For example, the main influence on their cooking and food choices is from their parents and grandparents. They were taught to cook by them, were influenced by their style of cooking and continue to use many of their recipes. Considering how the ‘power of Mum’ can be incorporated into any brand communication is absolutely key.

In personal care, we saw clear elements of cultural influence affecting product choice. For example, deep cleaning facial products such as scrubs, masks and cleansers are a regular part for the skincare regime for our South Asian consumers and are used to remove dirt, grime and impurities from their skin. Reframing ‘deep cleaning’ beyond spot prevention is a key opportunity for this cultural group.

If you would like to understand more about the real lives of different groups living in Britain then get in touch – we’re always happy to chat.

* Source: Office of National Statistics 2018