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The Power of Moments

The Power of Moments

Chip Heath & Dan Heath

Communication, Culture, Management


The vast majority of what we experience is forgettable. But every now and again we’re part of a moment that is remarkable; be it a first day, a holiday, an achievement, a concert even. Those are the kind of moments that we remember for a lifetime.

The Heath brothers argue that positive, defining moments don’t have to be in the hands of fate, we can engineer them by adding certain elements. We can manipulate a situation to become timeless.

What I got from reading it

A headache. Genuinely.

I’ve been fizzing with ideas ever since, to the point where it hurts.

Ideas around making internal experiences more memorable, from throwing away the script during meetings to planning quirks for a team member’s first day. I’ve also started exploring how we can create moments with our clients, both new and existing.

Watch this space, there’s genuine opportunity here.

Who should read this book

Anybody interested in making the day to day more remarkable for themselves and their team. And anybody who wants to make an encounter with their business more memorable, so, errrm, everyone then?

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