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The100: Best of 2017

(Drum roll…)

The 10th most popular piece from 2017 was…

8 creative ways to share your research. We spend all that effort, then what…

Tied at 8th

How smartphones aren’t destroying kids, they’re destroying adults – apart from when they’re making extremely insightful videos for progressive research agencies, of course.

Plus how the UK election destroyed market research as we know it. Spoiler alert: it hasn’t really.

In 7th

The museum of failure and the products, such as Colgate’s Beef Lasagne, that featured in it.

And 6th

Lots of pictures of people sleeping in museums – to be fair, it is quite compelling.

In 5th

What defines an award winning insight team? Outside of using fresh new innovative techniques such as video? Get your answers here.


“It’s OK to sing.”  Here’s a reassuring poster you can print out and stick by your desk to look at every now and again.


A 153 slide deck! I know. But not as horrific as it sounds.  It’s all about the use and abuse of research. It’s my personal favourite from this year.

Runner Up

Some very interesting story formats for news – which could (and should) be applied elsewhere.

And the most popular article in 2017?

Russell Davies outlines some 1st class tips on giving presentations for those that don’t like giving presentations.  To be fair, that’s most of us, which is probably why it’s been the most popular piece.