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Why we’re blogging

As you know, we’re a start up. One with very big ambitions.

This guest post hosted by the team at Techcrunch breaks down the reasons why startups need to blog – we thought we’d share why we’re doing it using their very helpful structure.

1. Why are we blogging? We care about ‘accessing customers, reaching an audience, communicating your vision, influencing people in your industry, marketing your services or just plain engaging in a dialog with others in your industry’

2. What will we write about? We’re writing about the very industry we’re in and care about passionately. We want to share our beliefs about video, about why we care so much about it, provide a place where people can read and see interesting content supporting and debating the value of video.

3. Where should it be located? Well if you’re reading this you’ve found it. If you’re not we’ll get you soon enough…hopefully. If you have some ideas then please share…

4. How should we write? Well we’re certainly not trying to be perfect (as you may have spotted), we’re not trying to be funny, and we’re certainly not going to sound too intelligent! We want to be open, transparent and give our opinion on things – we will be encouraging interaction (so please do leave a comment!)

5. When / how often? We’re going to blog when we have something to say. Well, something interesting anyway. Probably weekly or maybe twice a week. We’ll play it by ear.

See you again soon.