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Working with clients, not for…

We’re excited to be working with our clients for a number of reasons.

What we like is their willingness to work with us, to buy into the idea we had a few years ago that we’ve turned into reality. It’s a great feeling. Each new client that comes on board helps us reaffirm that belief that what we have created is something that was needed. You need that when you’re relatively new. You need that reassurance, as no matter how much you believe in the idea, it’s pointless unless you bring along clients with you.

They probably don’t realise how important their commitment is to us. But it is. So thank you to all of them.

In addition to that they’re also helping us shape our business. Their open, honest feedback is giving us ideas for other opportunities and areas we could pursue. As a young company we have the adaptability to develop in line with client demand and direction. Every conversation, every meeting is helping us understand more and more about where we could go with this, the opportunities that are available to us. It’s exciting. Why? Because to be able to be this flexible is a great feeling. It’s rare in the ‘corporate’ world to be able to instigate change or development at the pace we can now. That’s exciting.

The combination of a great community and great clients, both of whom are enthusiastic about watchmethink, can only mean one thing. A future.