What we’ve been up to

As we shift gear towards the month of September watchmethink is in an extremely exciting place – we couldn’t be busier, and we’re loving every minute. Here are some of the things we got up to in August. We appointed the agency we wanted to work with – we’re really pleased to be working with the team at Headstream – […]

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Embrace unintended uses

Nice on the startup daily about being open to unintended uses of your product. At watchmethink we have been and will remain fully flexible.  We develop in the direction our community and our customers take us. Whilst we have our core goals – we need to try stuff that we’re being pointed at. If one of those things works, great. […]

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How do we do?

So another week and another check list for us. This time spotted on Mashable from Bill Clark, the CEO of Microventures, listing the 8 crucial elements of start up success. Let’s see how we do. 1. Hire great coders. Check. 9/10. 2. Launch your product site quickly. Hmm. 5/10. 3. Identify your users. 7/10 4. Don’t target a small niche. […]

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