3 techniques for more consumer led innovation

One of the most frequently stated goals our Global clients articulate to us, is to have a more consumer led and consumer connected innovation process.

Global FMCG manufacturers are increasingly adopting a centralised Innovation structure, whereby category innovation is developed in one location and then rolled out Globally. At the same time, research budgets are under pressure and travel restrictions or bans are commonplace. The opportunity to connect with consumers Globally, under these conditions, is often very limited.

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3 Questions I would love to ask the ACCC

1) If an Australian grocery retailer introduced a club, whereby the top ten manufacturers in Australia were “invited” to give them 1.5% of sales made through their stores, in addition to existing trading terms, what do the think the impact would be on the FMCG industry in the country and what would the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) do […]

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