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The100: Best of 2019

Back in the hot seat. And after a week of not eating leftover cheese and chocolate for breakfast, I’m feeling good. And lighter.

For the first The100 of the year, I’ve herded the 10 most popular articles we featured during 2019.

It seems readers of The100 are particularly interested in strategy, storytelling, effectiveness and why ethnography beats focus groups ?

I like you all.

In joint 10th

Martin Weigel’s sweary assessment of why strategy needs good words and a sparklingly relevant deck from Tim Stock on how to analyse trends.

In 9th

Another deck, this one from Sean Johnson, on how to make insanely better slides.

In 8th

This article listed persuasive phrases that will help you to get people to commit. Useful at work, somewhat less well-received at home – wouldn’t advise.

In 7th

We have Ogilvy’s behavioural science manual, which showcases their behavioural interventions that both did and didn’t work.

In 6th

The mighty Mark Ritson, in the first of his 2 top-ten appearances, talking about focus groups vs. ethnography. Spoiler: Ethnography wins. It follows Mr Byron Sharp having an argument debate on Twitter about the very same subject.

In 5th

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling. Just brilliant, as you’d expect.

In 4th

Fourth was the BBC’s overview of the 101 people, things and ideas changing the way we work today. I will be actively encouraging Hirun…. Zzzzzz (no. 40).

In 3rd

Ritson again. This time delivering his 10-minute effectiveness case study of Febreeze. It’s  my favourite video of the year, clear and impactful.

In 2nd

The forever bookmarked strategy and planning theory scrapbook. An incredible resource.

In 1st

And our most popular link of the year was about Death by PowerPoint, and how one slide was responsible for the death of 7 people (seriously). Quite the read. Now back to number 9 to make those slides better…