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How to reduce the threat of being delisted, in under 3 months, without breaking the bank

3 pieces of advice for anyone spinning insights and shopper plates:

  1. Eat your greens
  2. Put hedgehog holes in fences
  3. Review your new product launches

As the prospect of further range rationalisation continues to insist upon its presence, number 3 has never been more important.

And the only way to keep your seat at the mahogany table is with a strong consumer story.

Brands need to prove they have developed a product that answers an unmet need. They need to show that consumers will continue to buy it from the retailer and that it will grow category sales through increased penetration, frequency or basket spend.

*Unsubtly clears throat*

We’ve been working with clients to co-create a fast, affordable and qualitative Post Launch Review to do exactly that.

So that clients can discover what works and what doesn’t.

When, where and how their product is used.

What it’s replacing and what could be improved.

And, crucially, share this knowledge with the retailers.


10 Thinkers (respondents) each make 2 videos: 1 whilst shopping for the product and 1 whilst using it.

We then watch and analyse those videos. We score the packaging, proposition, promotion, place, pricepoint, purchase intent and the product itself. Then, in light of the consumer reaction, we suggest improvements to each of those elements and back-up those findings with professionally edited highlight videos.

As Mark Whalley from Greencore put it:
“Our team is judged on our understanding of product performance as much as the performance itself. Not knowing why something happened is the unforgivable part. This has given us that understanding, whilst allowing us to dispel a few hypotheses that otherwise might have become ‘the truth’. ”

As well as demonstrating your knowledge to the retailers, a Post Launch Review also enables you to:

  • Highlight any channel, shelf positioning or category issues
  • Prove you’ve hit the mark on pack, price & product
  • Share learnings in lift and launch projects
  • Reveal how consumers perceive a competitor launch
  • Put a human face to your quantitative data
  • Provide compelling footage of consumer engagement
“We only got the results back a few days ago but already the team has made steps to improve the packaging formats to be in line with what the consumer wants.”
Caroline Young, Cereal Partners “The WMT post launch consumer reviews are a great tool, not only to provide a holistic understanding of the product performance after launch, but also to bring the consumer closer to the teams. So in this sense, it’s a 2×1: you get insights and empathy at the same time”
Estrella Lopez-Brea, General Mills

Want fast, affordable feedback on your product launch to build the consumer story? Let’s chat.