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The100: Best of 2021

To finish a year that’s gone faster than you can say “8-days-until-christmas”, we’ve gone back into the archives and dusted off the 10 most popular links featured in The100 during 2021. Best enjoyed with a brew, as always.

In joint 10th

22 innovations that’ll change the world, the sonic extinguisher being a personal favourite.

And while no one reading this newsletter will doubt the power of a good story, this advert from a French TV channel is your proof for any detractors.

In 9th

Zoom Escaper allows you to self-sabotage your audio and get yourself kicked out of that Zoom meeting you didn’t want to be in. A true The100 great.

In 8th

User needs 101 has everything you need to know about the subject, including a test to see if you’ve found one that’s valid.

In 7th

Lord Ritson makes his cameo with an article on Amazon’s success being due to their obsession with the customer.

In 6th

A short test to gauge your tolerance to uncertainty. As someone who keeps their spice rack in alphabetical order, I surprised myself with a score of “medium-high”.

In 5th

A menu for those who have been on the receiving end of an annoying response after asking the kids “what do you want for dinner?”

In 4th

Esteemed graphic designer, Paula Scher, with a diagram of a meeting and the optimal point to end one.

In 3rd

A genius campaign from Kraft Heinz. Talking to real people. Taking a step back. Smashing it out of the park.

In 2nd

The 50 film posters that changed entertainment marketing, and there are some absolute belters in there.

In 1st

This wonderful, clickable diagram of cognitive effects, biases and fallacies. A particular rabbit hole is the top right quadrant of too-much-information.

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