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The100: chasms, culling and the zombie apocalypse

Collateralized debt obligation

There’s lots of posts out there on how to tell good stories, but these 9 rules from Michael Lewis offer (to me) something different, from the title above to lovely little takeaways like

“Sometimes the better stories are messier.”


If you want to tell good stories about just your own life, observe it.”

Observe. Good one that 🙂

The Great Chasm

“…the advertising industry has a different unconscious ‘thinking style’ to the modern mainstream“

There’s a lot of gems in this relatively short white paper on (basically) how our psychology and peer groups are reflected in our day-to-day attitudes and decision making. It has a UK-media slant, but I’d bet it could apply to the ad industry in most any country.

“So it turns out that, at a basic level, we don’t really know what makes people who aren’t like us tick.”

Hands up anyone who thinks this type of analysis only applies to the ad-industry? So then how do we understand people who are not-like-us better?

Culling & surrendering

When I stepped into my 40s I had a few moments of looking at my bookcase thinking, I’m sure I’m going to get through all of these.

“…[recognize] that well-read is not a destination; there is nowhere to get to, and if you assume there is somewhere to get to, you’d have to live a thousand years to even think about getting there, and by the time you got there, there would be a thousand years to catch up on.”

The Sad, Beautiful Fact That We’re All Going To Miss Almost Everything.

Waterloo’s my waterloo

Ever been lost in a London tube station? These 3D maps of each and every stop will come in very handy during any visit, or indeed the coming zombie apocalypse.


Sunset could see your sun rise

Love the intention, just not sure about the method: do these things after 6pm and your life will never be the same.

While it may work for some (you?) I’m afraid that after I’ve

  • cooked dinner,
  • tidied up,
  • given the kids a bath,
  • read them stories,
  • opened the wine (of course),
  • and done a smidgen of work

I’m beat, so the

  • writing a book,
  • learning a new language,
  • starting an online business,
  • creating art, learning an instrument,
  • designing,
  • learning to code,
  • collecting and selling vintage objects etc.

…will just have to wait.

Highlight the Remarkable indeed

And finally, these Stabilo Boss print adverts are something else. Just magnificent. What a campaign. My cap is well and truly doffed.