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The100: “Insane and out of touch”

Make yourself a cup of tea, and whilst sipping your brew, have a read of how the word ‘tea’ spread around the world and then push on with the rest of this week’s The100.

Don’t look for great ideas

Look for a great problem. Even better: find a problem that no-one else realized existed. It’s a simple mantra (truth?) that is often overlooked when innovating.

See with your ears

Films. We know a little about them here 😉 But this lovely 5 min video shows the importance of sound design in film making. Impressive stuff. Or if you want to enjoy how important editing can be, this beautiful 2 min film of behind the scenes action at the Oscars when Cuba Gooding Jr won shows some serious skills on display. Genuinely exhilarating.

Once upon a Beep

Listen how storytelling has had to adapt to the technology we now consume stories through. Fascinating stuff.

“Insane and out of touch”

The difference between ‘brand acceptability’ and ‘brand love’ is highlighted in Bob’s normal brilliance:

I am quite sure that my habit of buying the same brand of canned tuna fish every week for the past 30 years has very little to do with “brand love” and has everything to do with my natural inclination not to screw things up that I’m satisfied with’.

And finally….

Some are better than others, but if you like a good doppelganger collection (the first 2 are exceptional)…

And for you skiers disappearing off for a northern hemisphere winter break… don’t try this.