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The100: The vacuous value of a #like

#like this?

I got lost on the way to B, from A.
All products and services offer a journey between where someone is right now, and where they want to be. There could be small steps in between (just add boiling water). There could be big steps (assemble furniture in just 20 minutes!).

Between each step is a potential gap. A journey stopping gap.

“Mind the gap”  is a simple piece of advice which this article breaks down brilliantly. It explores a mantric question that many of us miss, ignore or gloss over; yet one that insights people especially should perhaps be pinning up over their desks?

Khan do
Want to learn how to tell stories better?

Well Pixar (yes, those lot who make some of the finest stories ever produced) are offering free lessons in storytelling via the Khan Academy. You’re welcome.

And if your fancy’s been tickled, let me know. We’re planning on running a day’s workshop on storytelling with video later in the year.

The Story 2017
And on that note, I have to mention The Story

It’s a wonderful annual occasion that fills me (and others) with ideas and inspiration. A true barnstormer. Full of brilliant, exciting speakers, who tell stories (wonderfully).

Amongst many others, we heard from Victoria. She found an old Nokia with texts on it from the father of her son. With it she could chart their entire relationship – before, during and after he left, and so used it to inspire her film.

To Ingrid (spellbinding), who talked about post apocalyptic bunkers  – the stunningly named Trident Lakes – and data centres.

To Kate Clanchy reading some of her foreign students’ poetry.

And then there was Lynsey Hanley, talking about being an outsider looking in.

We also saw a strong empathy theme throughout the day. Amply demonstrated when Clara showed us the importance of observing subtleties. Especially in redesigning a smartphone box/manual for the older consumer (in a non-patronising way). I promise: it will delight you!

An amazing day, and one I’d recommend to anyone interested in people and life.