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The100: Universal laws, intellectual mischief, and CSI Miami

Intellectual mischief

Alex Morris has released his Strategy and Planning Field Guide.

There are enough gems in there to sink a ship. I simply can’t list them all. So here are my top 5:

  • Page 28: Ways to start doing research differently
  • Pages 34 – 35: The danger of aggregates and averages
  • Page 37: A guide to writing an insight
  • Pages 38 – 39: How to tell if you have an insight
  • Pages 126 – 127: The Thinking Hats template for new ideas

(It looks like a lot of pages/heavy going, but it’s surprisingly easy to burn through)

When a measure becomes a target

There are some laws that are universal. Truths which apply no matter what your field. And as Morgan Housel elegantly puts it:

Restricting your attention to your own field blinds you to how many important things people from other fields have figured out that are relevant to your own

Mill “Mistakes” (Assuming the familiar is the optimal) and Wiio’s Laws (eg Communication usually fails, except by accident) all got me stroking my chin with particular vehemence.

As too did Goodhart’s Law.

…once a goal is set, people will optimize for that goal in a way that neglects equally important parts of a system.

Thus reminding me of The Hanoi rat massacre of 1902. A situation which didn’t go quite to plan, but one which at least makes for a great story around the dinner table… or maybe not…

The 3 types of empathy

You may have noticed us banging on about empathy on the odd occasion 🙂 Much of said banging focused on consumer empathy. But what about employee empathy?

Sophie Wade explains how there are 3 components to empathy: cognitive empathy, affective empathy and empathetic concern. These translate into 3 steps which can help us be more empathetic in the workplace.

Pullack Mohanty also explains how, amongst other factors, empathising with your employees can contribute to great CX.

In the beginning

A story on the rise and fall of the supercut video. For those not familiar with the supercut, people who had a lot of time on their hands would cut together clips that fitted into a theme, which they’d then release as a single video compilation.

From the original supercut, I’m Not Here to Make Friends, to Every Time Denzel Has Ever Clapped and CSI Miami – Endless Caruso One Liners, they’re about exposing patterns. And they’re brilliant. pasted image 0

If that’s poked some memories, here’s a list of 100 websites that have shaped the internet. It may make a few of us (me) feel old, and although he wasn’t an internet star, it brings back some painful memories of a certain paperclip.

Hey from the future

Moving through time, you can now read what other people wish they’d known when they were your age.

Slightly depressingly, mine says:

They say 45-55 are the least happy years of a man’s life. Get out, enjoy it, so you prove them wrong.

So I’m off on holiday now for a few weeks. You know, getting out, enjoying it and proving them wrong 😉

This means the next issue of The100 will be on Sept 6th. But if I’m needed, you’ll find me searching for the ultimate plate of Tajine …anyone got a restaurant recommendation for Marrakech?