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The100: Digital inclusion, greed and Metallica

You don’t need empathy

Apologies for any coffee splattering such a heading may have caused. 

You see, Ian Murray has argued that marketers shouldn’t be doing empathy at all, that it’s the wrong model for understanding and engaging with the people we call consumers. Instead, he proposes ‘perspective taking’: 

terms like ‘empathy’ and ‘perspective taking’ are often used interchangeably. But increasingly, psychologists and neuroscientists see them as entirely distinct processes. Perspective taking is a cognitive (i.e., not emotional) process focused on the act of perceiving a situation or understanding a concept from a particular point of view […] Perspective taking doesn’t require any transformation in feelings, values or beliefs.”

The Costco melting pot

So how about a visit to Costco for some perspective taking?

That’s one of the main problems in America today, the classes don’t interact, therefore the wealthy have no idea of the life of those working with their hands, counting pennies. You don’t have to be poor to go to Costco, but the richer you are, the less chance you’re there.”

Marketing’s urban myths

Second coffee eruption of the day incoming… The brilliant Helen Edwards on asking more questions of scientific findings, whilst shaking the foundations of Behavioural Science and clattering a few “heuristics” in the process: 

“When ‘behavioural economics’ morphed into ‘behavioural science’ a decade or so back, it gave the impression that theory had hardened into fact. It hadn’t. And the moral, as ever, is to be on our guard […] be a bit less eager to share exciting new theory with the world the minute we discover it. Let’s pause a little, reflect, probe it for inconsistencies, try it out in low-stakes situations, before getting all evangelical.”

No app, no entry

I’m clearly a fan of the digital world. However, what about the non-tech savvy who are being left behind, typically the elderly, the poor and the unbanked?

“There are also an estimated to be 1.3 million adults in this country [the UK] who are “unbanked” – ie do not have a bank account. For them, something as mundane as parking a car is increasingly fraught – a quarter of London councils have removed pay and display parking machines in favour of smartphone-centred apps.”

As a research agency who’s respondents upload via an app, it’s really got the ol’ grey matter whiring.

A lesson from Metallica

I was listening to Rob Campbell and Martin Weigel’s talk on strategy. From 55:00 they discussed how complicity creates average, quoting Peter Mensch, the legendary manager of the likes of Metallia, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Muse:

“I’m not paid to kiss their a$s, I’m paid to tell them the truth”

Might make that our slogan… 

And finally… 

The oddities that Brian Klaas observed after 12 years living in the UK. Including such gems as:

To turn the light on in many bathrooms, you need not find a lightswitch, but a little string hanging from the ceiling, which you pull. Nobody knows why.”

(elf n safety, guv’nor)

Julie Burchill doesn’t hold back in this rather amazing take down of the celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. Even if you disagree, you have to admire the writing. 

An utterly magnificent and moving advert from Alzheimers Research UK. Watch to the end and have a tissue ready.

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