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The100: The disruption myth, strategic ideas and airport views

“Computers and society are out on a 1st date”

There’s a metric tonne of gold dust in The Steve Jobs Archive. It’s stacked with memos, emails and interviews. Including this, from circa 1976 – 85:

“Apple’s strategy is really simple. What we want to do is put an incredibly great computer in a book that you carry around with you […] And we really want to do it with a radio link in it so you don’t have to hook up to anything – you’re in communication with all these larger databases and other computers. We don’t know how to do that now. It’s impossible technically.”

In love with Dove

From 1 big idea to 10. Planning Dirty shared a deck with 10 examples of idea platforms, including the likes of KFC and Dove (h/t Only Dead Fish).

Speaking of Dove, their new advert, Cost of Beauty, is off the charts amazing (it contains very sensitive material, so be careful). As a father of a 16 year old daughter it struck a particular chord. You have to admire the storytelling and emotional impact.

Not-so-buzzy after all

Greg Larkin wrote a piece on the myth of disruption in business. Only 23 new companies have broken into the Fortune 500 since 1997. And 48 out of 58 industries have never seen a new entrant. Hmmmm.

Disruption since 1997

Here are some more workplace buzzwords to ignore. The great resignation is over. And we can forget about Resenteesim and Sunday Scaries too.

The Oracles of Eden Prairie

The Marketoonist was back on the dojo floor with a typically witty take on focus groups, highlighting a very real issue around recruitment. And he made this excellent point while he was at it:

“Not every market research tool is right for
every market research question.”

Urbanity, kindness and Olympic calm

 Do you or your team operate in the Drama Triangle? Try working in “Presence” instead:

“The drama triangle is characterised by blame, wanting to be right, toxic fear and adrenaline […] Leaders and teams that learn to play in the Creator, Coach or Challenger roles of Presence find they are more creative, engaged, aligned and energized.”

In more leadership advice, Clementine Churchill’s letter to her husband, Winston, is a reminder to be calm and kind despite any stress you may be under (h/t Rory Stewart). 

And finally…

Clicking through these airport views is, for me at least, highly addictive. The contrast between Birmingham and Koh Samui was quite something.

Should you ever find yourself on a hovercraft full of eels, this website gives you 200 translations of how to say exactly that.

Ever wondered what it sounds like when plants cry? Now you know.