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The100: this vs that, context vs content, and Godzilla.

Light : Glue : Web

A fantastic explanation of how stories can be used in a number of different ways.

As light: “to illuminate the past, present and future

As glue: “for building community through empathy and coherence

And as a web: “to reauthor the web of narratives we live in

Genuinely brilliant.

Delivering the story

Russell Davies highlighted another masterful example of how to a write and present back from Interesting 2016 – watch this (12m). Very moving and executed precisely.

This vs. That

The town of Borja in Spain highlights the choice you can make between being right but dull vs. being wrong yet funny – and, ergo, interesting. Written as always in a compelling way by Dave Trott.

Context vs. Content (yes another vs.)

The rise of contextual playlists (relaxing, workouts) vs. content playlists (genre) is really interesting and has applications across business.

In research, this could apply to how we approach segmentations? (So we’re still doing it the same way as always, are we?)

Big’s an opinion.
Small is a hunch.
Big’s at a corporate lunch.

What a lovely new ad from Giffgaff: it’s a simple poem on Big vs. Small. Listen to the words. Very (very) good and especially appreciated by the (small) team at Watch Me Think.

After Big’s fleeting greeting he’s soon back in a board meeting.

Small holds your hand. Small’s your biggest fan.”


Godzilla or Godfather?

Have you ever debated with your friends/colleagues about what the greatest decade for films is? Well, the Guardian has helped us out by presenting arguments for each one – mine is the 1980s, no question. Yours?

Stimulate your Eyes

Got 2 hours? Try browsing over 4 million images from LIFE magazine – it’s their back catalogue as organised by clever shiny machines – impressive.

Got 10 minutes? Some fabulous  pictures of the hard men from the heyday of British Wrestling.