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The100: The Best of 2022

Strap in – keep your arms, legs, feet and antlers inside the vehicle, and enjoy the ride.

In 10th

McDonald’s Famous Orders campaign made for an interesting case study. One of the Famous Order meals broke the McDonald’s supply chain due to the demand it created. 

In 9th

He was always going to make the top 10, wasn’t he? Ritson on looking at your brand from the customer’s perspective. 

In 8th

Well done to The Drum for this list of the world’s best video ads. Always great to be reminded of creativity at its finest. 

In 7th

One of my favourite videos on the internet. Ever. Well worthy of its Top 10 crown. 

In 6th

Things have been pretty hectic this month? If you’ve been unable to get your usual dose of consumer truths, here’s something to flex your empathy muscle: 12 teenagers on what adults (that’s you) don’t get about their lives.

In 5th

The DO Lectures have published a list of 100 tools for an easy life. After ignoring number 1, I can confirm 2, 8, 12 and 18 have all been useful. 

In 4th

Earlier this year David McRaney published How Minds Change. And he was kind enough to summarise how to change someone’s mind in 10 steps (PDF).

In 3rd

A MAP! YES! These ones show the average colour of countries around the world. 

In 2nd

The focus group that looked at Apple’s 1984 advert. I’ll say no more ?

Annnnnd in 1st… Drum roll…

The magnificent Russell Davies and his Draw A Triangle video – a method for answering any strategic question you’re asked. Clever. He is. 

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