OpenIDEO – problem solving tribes

Under the headline ‘solving problems together for the collective good‘ the folks over at Contagious chat with Tom Hulme, Design Director at Ideo, about OpenIDEO (introduced via video by Jamie Oliver here), a platform harnessing the power of crowds, which they hope will provide solutions posed by brands, charities and individuals. Tom says some interesting things in the interview. The […]

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Make customers your number 1 priority

We’re always interested in seeing what people are saying about how companies should interact with consumers. Over at Blogging Innovation a recent piece on Reinventing Customer Relationships highlights Making Customers your number 1 priority. They go on to describe what companies should be looking at when running their business. These include How would we go about defining customer wants and […]

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Don’t assume the obvious

Over at future lab they recently wrote about neuroscience and it picking up the ‘what’s important’ elements of the yogurt consumption experience. It focused on assumption.. ‘it’s an important lesson for all product marketers. Don’t assume that the obvious product characteristics are the only important ones’ More importantly for us they go on to say ‘while neuromarketing studies can reveal […]

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